About Us

As our name suggests, we are completely focused on the steel sector. Our staff undergo continuous professional development and training in compliance with industry requirements to maintain service standards and keep ahead of changes in products, procedures and developments in the industry so as to better serve our clients. With constant effort & dedication we have grown into one of the finest & most reliable company in 'The state of Qatar'.

The quest for excellence at 'Globtech' Steel Division is not just a process, but a way of life. A determination to move up the value chain in process, products and performance has resulted in 'Globtech' Steel Division being acknowledged for its excellence and delivering specialized services in the steel designs & manufacturing in accordance with the clients requirements.

'Globtech' Steel Department also has social responsibilities which are aimed in welfare of the workers and other people engaged with the company & it believes in personal and professional growth of its personnel, along with the company. It is because of the team work at 'Globtech' Steel Division, making it possible to by pass the minimum order quantity obligation and accept & execute the projects in time.